Arctic Monkeys, Who are they?

Wondering who they are? They are my favorite band, thats who they are. But more about them, Arctic Monkeys is a band that became popular in the British crowds since 2005, descending from inspirations and similarities like Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Libertines and even The Clash. The band was created since they were just teenagers in a small basement, but soon came out to be famous in England with a few albums that jump-started their music careers.

Moreover, the members are lead singer Alex Turner, guitarist Jamie Cook, bassist Andy Nicholson and lastly, the drummer, Matt Helders. Nicholson however, officially left the band June of 2006, which Nick O’Malley came making him a permanent band member of Arctic Monkeys. In addition, before Alex Turner became the lead singer for Arctic Monkeys, Glyn Jones, was the lead singer for a very short while back in 2002  for the smaller gigs, until Alex Turner came out of his shell in 2003 coming out with the bands first album, “Beneath the Boardwalk”.

One of my favorite songs from Arctic Monkeys is “Do I Wanna Know?” from their album “AM”, which Turner is the lead singer and O’Malley the background vocals behind the audio. The song is pretty much portraying Turner as this obsessive lover, recalling the sounds, feelings of loneliness he had without her. Personally, this song is one of my favorite songs because of the lyrics, the music video, and even the combination it has between the indie rock and neo-punk genres. Having O’Malley singing the background vocals in a high pitch, added some neo-punk vibes that enhanced the many positive attributes to the song. The music video was based the same idea as the cover of the album featuring a single squiggly line, but the video had various moving images featured with a single line and the same black background. This song has been #11 on the UK song charts, featuring in one of the most popular songs played in England for a time, since their song “Fluorescent Adolescent” which peaked #5 on UK song charts.

Overall, this band has really stuck with me since early teenage years and continues on being my favorite band. Even though they have not had an album release in years, nor concerts, I would love to see them one day.


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